We’re On Well Water – Please Limit Water Usage

A message from Markleeville Water Company President, Mary Young:

Hi Members,

As you’ve probably noticed, stream flows are high now that the snow has finally melted.  Although the additional moisture is good news for the long term, the current high flows are causing problems for our surface water system.

Debris in the water, high turbidity, entrained sand, and decomposed granite in the raw water impact the intake and the treatment process. 

Because of these issues we are restricted to well water. 

And so, we are asking you to limit water use to domestic use, and NOT TO DO ANY outdoor watering.

When that changes we’ll be sure to post an update here.

Thank you for your help.  Working together we can all meet our domestic water needs.

Outside Watering Can Resume Effective Monday, August 15th

We are now producing water and the tanks are full!

It took a bit of work to clear the mud, silt and sand from the system, due to last week’s thunderstorm activity, but that work was completed yesterday.

We do ask that members refrain from outdoor watering this week in order to give the entire system time to equalize.

Anyone in the downtown area that needs to hose down or power wash their residence or business, however, is free to do so.

Thank you for your conservation efforts over this past week, and for your continued efforts over the next few days.

Outdoor watering can resume Monday, August 15th.