Important Documents

Markleeville Water System Improvements Project Documents:

Latest Bylaws:

Annual Meeting Agendas:

2022 Annual Meeting Agenda will be posted prior to the Annual Meeting, which takes place in the summer of 2022.

Annual Meeting Minutes:

There were not enough members in attendance at the 2021 meeting, however approval was obtained by mail in ballot in the fall of 2021.

Annual President’s Reports and Presentations:

Board Meeting Agendas (current year):

Board Meeting Minutes (current year):

Operations Reports (current year):

Budgets; Income & Expenses; Profit & Loss:

Notices and Forms:

Notes: Rates, fees and penalties are subject to change/updated from time to time.

Consumer Confidence Reports:

The 2020 Consumer Confidence Report will be available approx. April 2021.

Requests for Proposals:

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