Please Reduce Your Water Use During these Turbid Times

We are experiencing higher than normal turbidity in the water from the heavier than normal spring thaw and run off. Because of that, we cannot treat the water as usual in order to comply with the state turbidity standard, or Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU) requirements.

We are therefore using our wells to their capacity to keep up with the demand. While we understand there is a lot of water running in the creek, until the “dust” settles, that water is not treatable.

We would greatly appreciate everyone reducing their water consumption during this high turbidity period by limiting irrigation, not washing vehicles and just being extra conscientious as to water-use as a whole.

As soon as we are able to regularly treat the creek water to state standards we will notify you.

Thank you VERY MUCH for your patience and cooperation!

Author: markleevillewatercompany

We are a small water company that provides water to the Markleeville community.

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