Proposition 68 – A Yes Vote Helps the Markleeville Water Company

While it’s not in our nature to jump on a particular political bandwagon, and so we won’t, we do want all members to know that a yes vote on this proposition helps us all.

MWC Vice-President, Steve Hibbs, has this to say:

If Prop. 68 passes we have a chance of receiving planning grant funds this year for the infrastructure improvements and replacements we need. If it fails we will continue to wait for funding, the timing of which is unknown.

Some folks may raise the valid objection that Prop. 68 is a catchall that includes projects they don’t like or care about. While that may be true, the money Markleeville Water Company needs is in there too and if it fails MWC will be forced to continue to patch the aging and failing infrastructure we have at ever increasing cost to our members.

Our President, Steve Martin, adds this:

Funding for our hoped-for grant is possible only if funds are available, and availability of those funds is dependent upon the passage of Proposition 68.

All of us on the Board will be voting yes on Proposition 68 and we urge you to do the same on June 5th.

Thank you,

Your Markleeville Water Company Board of Directors

Author: markleevillewatercompany

We are a small water company that provides water to the Markleeville community.

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