The Markleeville Water Company Website – An Unexpected Benefit

When we published the site, and the associated contact form, it was with the idea that members could contact us with questions or concerns. We do have an email address,, but thought it couldn’t hurt to have this online form as well. When our website “contact us” form is submitted, an alert is sent to our email inbox so we can act on it.

As it turns out, there was an added benefit: Last month, someone at a company by the name of Trustee Corps filled out our form asking how it could pay off two (2) liens we had recorded back in November of 2017! That’s the beautiful thing about recorded liens: at some point a title company runs a title search, or something similar, when real property is going to change hands. If any liens are turned up, they must be paid off in order to clear the title and allow the transaction to move forward.

Cha, ching!

In this instance, we were able to promptly get a cashier’s check from the lienee, which needless to say, was a welcome addition to our coffers, and when we write “our” we mean all members – an unexpected benefit for us all and an unforeseen benefit of having a contact form. Technology…what a wonderful thing.

Author: markleevillewatercompany

We are a small water company that provides water to the Markleeville community.

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